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Photography Services

Background image of Fern Fronds, Hetch Hetchy

Portraiture | Action

Need a head shot? A grad pic? Or how about something much more personalized and creative-- like a fantasy dress-up. We can create a one-of-a-kind image of you that will wow your friends and leave a lasting memory!

Are you or your family members active? We can create stop-action sports or activity shots that capture the subjects in all of their glory, doing what they love to do. Kids active in sports or dance or adults engaging in their favorite recreational pursuits are great photo ops. CALL US for ideas!

Product | Commercial

Need professional level product shots for your website? Need to show off your equipment for potential customers? Large or small, LumiVision Studio will stage light, and shoot them to make them look their absolute best.


Maybe you own an amazing car or bike? We can shoot and create original, magazine- quality layouts  to preserve  your whips and scoots for all time. We can even make a book to show off your custom rides to the grandkids when they're old enough to care! You might even get published!

Real Estate | Architecture

Your property is for sale and you need beautiful, accurate photographs to get buyers’ attention.  LumiVision Studio can shoot outstanding interiors, exteriors and grounds for any medium— web or print.


Or maybe you just want your hard remodeling work recorded for posterity’s sake. We can even create flyers & magazine-quality layouts. For professional work & the highest quality imagery, contact us today!

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